All-in-one production, storage and repacking

Full Commercial Kitchen

The production includes a range of ready meals, both frozen and fresh, featuring a specialty French cuisine line under the Bec Fin label, encompassing cooked French hams, baked hams, soups, sauces, as well as charcuterie and sausages

Raw Meat Cutting

The offerings comprise portion-controlled individual cuts of meat, spanning beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb, and veal, alongside custom seasoned blends and specialty meatballs

Meat Curing Room

The facility features a state-of-the-art aging room and is capable of producing various French charcuterie such as saucisson, copa, sopressata, and more, with a capacity of 5000 lbs at a time

Repacking Room

The company specializes in retail packaging of sliced meat using automated equipment, provides packaging solutions for ready meals, and offers co-packing and private label services

Retail Store

Operating under the Cuisinery Food Market label, the brick-and-mortar storefront offers a curated selection of fresh shelf-stable products, providing both in-person shopping and online shipping options

Blast Freezer

The facility is equipped to handle up to 8 palettes simultaneously, with a processing capacity of 6000 lbs within a 6-hour timeframe


Our frozen entrees can be prepared at lightening-speed, giving you the opportunity to enhance operational efficiency, speed up service, minimize cost, and manage inventory with ease

Daniel Monneaux, a native of Normandy with extensive training in French cuisine, earned the prestigious ‘Maîtres Cuisiniers de France’ title. Monneaux has worked at some of NYC’s finest restaurants, including 
Le Rainbow Room, La Goulue, and Tavern on the Green. He founded NYC’s first French gourmet shop, Daniel’s Market, in 1989, offering a taste of France’s culinary heritage. Discover his authentic French charcuterie today.


A Foundation in
Food Manufacturing

We completely rebuilt established USDA facility called Towne & Country in Downtown Hudson, NY. Towne & Country was famous regionally for its all beef Italian meatballs and premium sausages. The remodeled Hudson Foods Venture plant was completed in the summer of 2023, after a year of construction, and officially starts producing in October. We have added a full line of French charcuterie, a massive blast freezer, and a re-packing line. Today our site boasts a skilled team of employees dedicated to charcuterie craftsmanship and meat preparation, delivering excellence everyday.


Explore the vibrant Hudson Valley, where a dynamic economy meets thriving agriculture. 
A harmonious blend of innovation and tradition

7 Dock St
Hudson, NY 12534